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Perhaps my word choice in my comments were more strict than what I was thinking.

These architect articles should be part of WikiProject NRHP, and these ones will be linked from several thousand NRHP places articles in total.Rocky Mount (Amtrak station) is apparently part of one, but I forgot what it was. ---- DanTD ( talk ) 04:30, 24 November 2010 (UTC).If people like it, I will upload the tweaked version on Commons and delete this version.The other long time question I have is how many of the sites are illustrated.

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Royalbroil, if u wish for Wisconsin county list-articles to be excluded, that is fine. -- doncram ( talk ) 22:01, 12 December 2010 (UTC).People on this project may be interested in the review. -- Nasty Housecat ( talk ) 21:42, 20 November 2010 (UTC).I think that would be more visually appealing than leaving it blank or, as Smallbones did, graying the space out, because it would make the image column look continuous.Is this what you are suggestion doncram, or did I misunderstand your comment.

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You are correct (bottom left of the page under Epilogue No. 7).

I am dismayed to note that your rules would not allow for most NRHP list-articles, which are articles themselves, to exist, because they do not meet DYK criteria.Next month, prolly, after my photo roadtripping binge of late will have settled down.Importance levels should be assigned only to differentiate the articles that are of greater importance to the average reader.

The current text box displayed is as follows (which will update).Given that it exists, e.g. this Recent Changes report for Grand Forks ND county list-article, then what.

Those that are linked to in lots of other articles are most important, because those are the ones that are most likely to attract readers. (I suppose I am saying that we should not worry about how important the building is. and instead worry about how important the article is to Wikipedia).I have to say I like the previous table better, yours is too tough.

This article includes text in the public domain from the National Register of Historic Places.Maybe in wikipedia sometime later i would set up a redirect from one to the other, but you can do that only if u really know about the properties and persons involved.Maybe running the bot to help create articles for cities of major universities is a good focus, too.Names for girls, baby girl names, baby girls names Congratulations on your new baby girl.

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Top priority: Greater-importance NHL, to be hashed out by all NRHP editors.

This is the stub version of Bremo Historic District created during drive that created articles for all National Historic Landmarks in 2008.My current version of generator does require a little tidying by a following edit or two, such as to join lines and remove some extra spaces. -- doncram ( talk ) 22:57, 14 December 2010 (UTC).This has been discussed before, most recently at the Village Pump here.Basically i want a system that provides a lot more convenience for a focused article drive, which would generate a conveniently accessible, drafted starter articles, say for all NRHP places designed by one architect, or for all redlinked NRHP places in one county-list-article.On, there is an entry for the Chilhowee Park Historic District in Knox County, Tennessee, supposedly listed in 2005.Before I make any promises though I would need to see the state and format of the data in the access database.I should have gone back and said that high readership should certainly be one input to consider, in assessing importance.

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